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Coming soon profiles for academics, artists and people with technical know how who want to produce and help produce exciting data and science driven content for festivals

Would you like to be included?

You can be! We welcome anyone with skills relating to any aspect of producing date driven exhibits, that could mean you if you have skills around funding applications, technical skills, production or creative skills that you would like to share. Get in touch via our Contact Page, we'd love to hear from you!

Can't wait?

Here are the profiles of a couple of people who might be able to help:



Johnathan Elders, wings 1, phto-Chirs Scott.jpg

Johnathan Elders


Data driven artist, show off and creator of Cognition Art

Working as a creative in Edinburgh, a city renowned for its art and festivals, there is not only opportunity, but also sometimes over whelming competition.

I have been fortunate to find a home for myself, as an artist working within the scientific community.

It has afforded me so many opportunities. I have worked with academics and researchers, who have inspired me, worked with me to develop content and if I'm honest, sometimes blown my mind by revealing bizarre and wonderful science facts!

Producing creative content for science festivals and events has given me access to amazing venues, incredible publicity and access to audiences who might not have been reached through exhibiting within traditional art spaces, such as galleries

I'm happy to share my own experiences, as well as any of the insights I have gained while developing Cognition Art

I can be reached via my website or the Contact us page 

John McAleese 


Scientist, science writer, a logical muse to you like Apollo

As a scientist John has been published on a diverse range of topics, including crystal growth, material science, corrosion, water research, robotics, artificial intelligence and microstamping. The muse continues to approve as articles on such diverse topics as seashells + bones, thixotropy, saccades, dosage forms + routes of administration, saddle points, concrete slump, the black + chestnut soils in Kazakhstan + where the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea continue to emerge.

Previous articles can be found here: copy arts/science


Collaboration example:


NORMAN website -

With his pedigree, experience + interests, John is ideally placed to help artists communicate with the scientific community, a broker with the ability to bridge between artists + scientists + their differing languages

A proposal winner + evaluator, he is happy to support creatives looking to do something new

What people have said:


 “I turn to him without hesitation whenever I need content, an exceptional talent” - Todd Lizotte, CEO & President, BOLD Laser Automation Inc. & TACLABS Inc.


“Perfectly measured, calm influence, hugely generous, skilled, very professional” -GRADSchool Participant

John can be contacted via our Contact us page

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