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Cognition Art is an online resource for artists looking to connect with the scientific community and to help creative practitioners with experience in this field to access larger opportunities.

We are here to help you by providing a free resource than can be accessed by artists considering engaging with the scientific community, with an aim to producing data driven exhibits. 

Our new website includes links to organisations that provide opportunities for artists, including open calls for collaborations and exhibits. We also provide recorded testimonials from industry experts offering advice, including how to approach them and what they require from artists.

Use our drop down tabs or click on the list below to access more information:


Getting Started - We offer advice and links to organisations who can help

Expert Advice - We spoke to representatives from Creative Informatics, Edinburgh Science, Creative Carbon Scotland and IOP Scotland to ask them for advice and to discuss the key points for creatives engaging with them.

Supporting Organisations- It can be hard trying to connect with some organisations, thankfully there's some helpful ones out there who can offer advice, opportunities and help connect you with the right people

Funding- The big question on everyone's mind, who's going to pay for it! Here's some advice and some good places to start

Venues- More than a place to have your exhibit, securing a good venue can help with funding applications and many will help you promote your event

Profiles- It's not just organisations who can help, we list profiles of people who are looking to collaborate or offer you support in their particular areas of expertise

As Cognition Art grows and develops we will keep adding content, even more organisations, even more advice and more and more venues.


But you don't have to wait! If there's anything else you require then get in touch. We are happy to answer questions and offer advice. You can reach us via our Contact Page 

Getting Started
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