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With a long standing tradition of arts and science festivals, Edinburgh attracts a lot of competition for venues, but with preparation and clever thinking, you stand a good chance of finding a suitable location within this well renowned city​

ASCUS- Located within Summerhall, ASCUS is an arts science organisation with space available for artists and scientists to collaborate. They put on exhibits throughout the year and often feature as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival programme.


ASCUS is also featured in our list of supporting organisations

Assembly Roxy- A prestigious theatre venue located within Edinburgh's Old Town. Assembly Roxy offers a wide range of spaces for events. They have previously hosted science and architecture events and they are open to discussion about how the space can be used, including costs. Although certain aspects, such as the provision of staff (if necessary) have a set fee. For some events the theatre style set up, including a wide range of lighting options and access to sound equipment could be very advantageous. Other points worth noting are that they main hall 'Roxy Central' has wheelchair accessibility, they have quite a reasonable lead time on bookings (around 6-7months in advance) and will support the promotion of your event through their social media and mailing list.​




The Biscuit Factory- Located within Leith, in Nothern Edinburgh, the biscuit factory is a venue well known for alternative scene and arts events. They can be approached by artists looking to put on events.


Coburg House Art Studios - Coburg House Art Studios offers a range of studio options and exhibition space in the Leith Area of Edinburgh. They offer flexibility of booking and a range of spaces that can be utilised for events. As part of booking an events space they can offer to help to promote your event through their website.

Codebase- With locations in central Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Stirling. Their Edinburgh facility is located on Castle Terrace, just under the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. In their own words 'Building a tech startup is hard, but it’s easier if you don’t do it alone. We help by providing startups and scaleups with space, community and education programs designed to make it easier to start and scale their business.' As part of their service, Code Base offer flexible event spaces which can be hired for very reasonable rates

Craigmillarnow - Located on the outskirts of Edinburgh, by Fort Kinnard retail park, Craigmillar Now is a recently renovated church and community facility: 'Craigmillar Now is an arts and heritage organisation.

We are home to the Craigmillar archives and host a year-round programme of creative activities, including artist residencies, workshops, exhibitions and events'

Custom House -  Located by the shore area of Leith, Custom House provides 'a thriving hub for the creative industries'. They can offer studio space and event space, including gallery space within this very splendid, large Georgian building. They can also offer a 'community rate' or discount on gallery space hire for their studio holders.

Dovecot Studios -  'Dovecot is a world-renowned tapestry studio in the heart of Edinburgh and a landmark centre for contemporary art, craft and design. Established in 1912, Dovecot continues a century-long heritage of collaboration with international artists to make exceptional handwoven tapestries and gun-tufted rugs.' In addition to the main display spaces, which are not generally open for applications, Dovecot studios have various spaces which can be hired for exhibitions and events. They are happy to approached to discuss potential exhibits which fit around their main themes of textiles, weaving and demonstrate a high level of finish. This can include data, science driven and educational content if it is connected to their themes.

Edinburgh Council - Edinburgh Council has a vast portfolio of venues, finding the right person to speak to about the venue that you would like to approach can be tricky. For most venues we would recommend contact the venue directly to ask for the appropriate person or department to contact. For libraries and City Chambers then they can be contacted via the webpage:

Please note that the libraries can also be contacted directly. Please see Edinburgh Libraries for more info

Edinburgh Futures Institute - Under development- This facility aims to 'bring people and disciplines together to spark the unexpected'. Located in Edinburgh Old Infirmary on Lauriston Place, the space will include state-of-the-art teaching facilities, space for co‐working with industry partners, incubation space for businesses, labs for innovation and prototyping, and exhibition and performance space.

Edinburgh Libraries - Edinburgh has a large number of libraries across the city and can offer excellent locations for community engagement. They can be contacted directly or via council

(we would recommend directly). We reached out to Leith Library to ask them about what they can offer- they are happy to accommodate artwork (especially from local artists). There is space within the main section of the library which can be used without charge, or separate rooms which can be hired. They are happy support creative engagement projects, including talks, interactive events and workshops. Although for any interactive events then they would require proof of PPL. For static displays they may not require PPL, but exhibitor would need to demonstrate that exhibit is safe, secure and H&S elements had been considered.

 In addition to space they can offer information on visitor numbers, promotion through their social media channels, including their Tales of One City blog page.

 Work displayed with the space does not need to be invigilated, but it is displayed at the owners own risk.

 They are not able to accept commercial projects, and as such it would not be possible to sell anything during the run of exhibition.

 Strong political themes should also be avoided.

Edinburgh Printmakers- Located in Edinburgh's Fountain Park area, Edinburgh Printmakers is one of the largest print facilities within Europe. With various options available for accommodating events and exhibits- 'Our state-of-the-art facilities are available for event hire. Perfect for a range of uses and set in the wonderfully creative home of Edinburgh Printmakers, our spaces include a Boardroom and a purpose-built Learning Studio.'

Edinburgh Printmakers also offer EP Spaces, a facility for connecting creatives with currently unused commercial spaces - 'a national network of affordable meanwhile spaces for creative people, groups and communities with over 30 properties currently operating across Scotland.' 

Edinburgh University - With a massive portfolio of venues, departments within this university can be approached by creatives looking for a suitable venue. The Beltane Network provides a facility for people looking to approach the University with outreach projects. There are too many to produce a comprehensive list, and the list would keep changing, but here are some good places to start:

see also: InSpace

Fruit Market Gallery - 'A free, public space for culture in the heart of Edinburgh, the Fruitmarket provides inspiration and opportunity for artists and audiences'. The Fruit Market can be approached by creatives looking for event space. While the main gallery is not available to open application, there is some scope for creative events within their 'studio space'

InSpace - 'a unique events and exhibitions space which is part of the Institute of Design Informatics within the University of Edinburgh'. A key aspect of the facility is multipurpose space which can be used for events and exhibitions. InSpace features excellent window display space located on Crichton Street and is one of the most wheelchair accessible venues on our list.

Leith Theatre - Leith Theatre offers venue space in this distinct and historical building within Leith and can be hired at various rates depending on the nature of the event. 'Leith Theatre Trust was set up in 2004 and incorporated into an charity in 2011 to save and restore the building known as Leith Theatre, a stunning 1930s semi-derelict heritage building at the heart of its community.'...... 'Leith Theatre is continuing to produce and house creative projects.'

Leith Collective/Image Collective - Located within Ocean Terminal shopping centre in Leith, Leith Collective is an environmentally conscious organisation supporting artists to exhibit and sell their work. As part of this they offer use of their Image Collective Space within the top floor of Ocean Terminal

North Edinburgh Arts - This award winning community arts centre is situated in the Pilton area of Edinburgh 'Our award winning venue incorporates two studios, a 96 seat theatre, recording studio, gallery, offices and a ​café​ with children’s play area leading onto a ​large garden. It is loved by the local community attracting over​ 34,000 visits​ last year.'  With a focus on supporting the local community, discounted rates are offered to local residents for using the facilities.

Out of The Blue - This large arts facility is located just of Leith Walk and has many spaces which can be hired for events and exhibitions. They also manage various studio spaces in Edinburgh.

Police boxes - One of Edinburgh's many unusual features is that features a small army of Police Boxes. Created by in the 1930's by the city's then Architect- Ebenezer James MacRae, these cast iron boxes are unique to Edinburgh and are located all over the city, many in very prominent locations. In recent years they have been repurposed, largely for coffee shops, but many are in the hands of local creatives who can be approached by people looking to do creative projects. Some such as Leith Walk Police box can be hired for short periods, others such a Newhaven Police box can be used for exhibits or public engagement be contacting the owner. There is also a facebook page where members of the Edinburgh (ex) Police Box Group can be contacted

The Wee Hub - A community space located within Ocean Terminal shopping centre in Leith. The Wee Hub is provided by The Living Memory Association and offers community groups and creatives space where they can engage with the community. They can be approached for use of the space for exhibits and creative projects. If your project is accepted then you will be granted use of the space for free. Please note exhibitors can not charge people for attending, although they can accept donations.

Whale Arts - Located within Westerhailes this community art space can offer options for people looking to hire a space for events and exhibitions. 'We offer a range of spaces to book, from play rooms to workshops, cinemas to meeting rooms and co-working spaces, all fully accessible. Spaces can be booked for a one-off occasion or for regular sessions on a mid / long term basis.'

Whitespace - Art Gallery and event space for hire within the Southside of Edinburgh 'Whitespace is run by artist Leigh Chorlton and is a hirable facility for all who want to organise and curate their own exhibitions, events, classes and workshops.' Small, but flexible, Whitespace offers a gallery space at ground level, complete with a wide range of lighting options. Generally the space can be booked only a few months in advance and the gallery takes no commission on items sold during exhibition.

 Artists will be responsible for promoting and individulating their own exhibits, but they can offer to share posters for events through their own social media channels if provided to them 2-3 weeks in advance of events.

 Creatives hosting events will be required to have their own PPI.

Summerhall - One of Edinburgh's largest venues and creative communities, Summerhall is located at the East end of the Meadows- “One of the world’s great arts venues.” (Mark Cousins, The Guardian 2014) – is a venue for diverse programmes of visual and performing arts. It is a place for all kinds of events, parties, workshops, festivals, weddings and meetings. It is home to a varied community of creative artists and businesses, including a pub, café, brewery and distillery.'

St Margarets House/Edinburgh Palette - Edinburgh Palette manage a range of spaces for creatives across Edinburgh 'We create and manage affordable spaces for creative people. By combining professional expertise with creative passion, we help groups and individuals develop ideas, share skills and contribute to the wider community.' As part of their portfolio of venues they manage St Margarets House, a well known art space within the Jocks Lodge area. This large venue has a selection of gallery spaces and can accommodate a variety or creative events.

We create and manage affordable spaces for creative people. By combining professional expertise with creative passion, we help groups and individuals develop ideas, share skills and contribute to the wider community.


If you have a venue that you would like to have included in our listings then please let us know. We are always excited to hear about new places to exhibit and are always happy to reach out to them.

 Just let us now via our Contact Page

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